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Designs of functional clothing make ergonomic assessments obligatory. The fitting of a piece of clothing on the body is as important in terms of comfort in movement as its aesthetic appearance. This research aims to put forward the shift during the movements of human body over clothing patterns by means of an exemplary practice. In this context, we attempt to determine the differences in dimension that may emerge in the upper body and sleeve pattern during shoulder rotation and elbow flexion activities. The trial method is employed in the research. The effect of the movement of the arms, which is shown via shoulder rotation and elbow flexion activity, on their pattern of clothing is examined both visually and dimensionally. According to the data obtained from the research, a reduction is seen in the measurements of the lengths of clothing, shoulders, arms, from shoulders to elbows during shoulder rotation and elbow flexion activities, whereas an increase is observed only in the length of waist and sleeve hole. For both movements, a high rate of reduction is seen in the length of sleeves and of the part between the elbow and the wrist, while a high rate of increase is observed around sleeve holes. The only measurement that doesn't change for both activities is that of the buttocks. It is emphasized in the research that it is important for the measurements for the manufacturing of clothes to be taken while the body is moving. Taking body measurements in accordance with the body size of the person and the person's movement will allow for maximum comfort and free swing. It is of ergonomic importance to create an article of clothing in accordance with the nature of at person, his/her physical traits and movements. It is also thought that the measurements which are taken from a sedentary posture will remain inadequate, but rather that the measurements taken during active postures are important as well.

Ergonomy, anthropometry, movement, rotation activity, flexion activity


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