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Aesthetic literacy and well-being within the context of poetic outputs presuppose that there may be new ways of epistemic construction or knowledge-building facilitated by and compatible with various transcendental phenomena which are specific to poetic manifestations of artistic authenticity and an array of varieties of other trans-personal experiences. Within this context, poetry emerges as a meta epistemic means of experiencing wisdom, spiritual-aesthetic wellbeing, imagination and insight associated with supra-rationally defined transcendental knowledge layers based on metacognition and related with artistic or aesthetic literacy intrinsically defined by nonlinear cognitive experiences, idiosyncratically experienced subjective observations in stark contrast to the world of realities based on mere experimentation and evidence, the world of visions, a multitude of objective phenomena related with and attainable by positivist cognitive experiences, deterministic materialist paradigms based on realistically defined linear understanding and perspectives, which can be considered to be serious obstacles on the way to access to trans-personal realms of knowledge of truth. Based on these premises and presuppositions, it would be of paramount importance to promote and propound a meta intellectual aura for a neuro-pedagical as well as a neuro-esthetical paradigm to be established for promoting and postulating necessary means and modes of artistic literacy that would treat knowledge in accordance with the presuppositions of aesthetic epistemology and focus on poetic expressions as a new way of acquiring and constructing knowledge beyond the observable and palpable ontic reality epitomized and propounded by the empirically established rational scientific paradigms. In this presentation, we aimed at providing ample evidence and rationale for constructing a preliminary study related with the aforementioned argumentation that could pave the way for further discussions to be put forth and more extensive studies to be prospectively conducted.

Poetry, Aesthetic Literacy, Insight, Wisdom, Knowledge


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