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A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) Method

Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods help decision makers and practitioners in solving problems in an environment of uncertainty. Solving an MCDM problem involves evaluating a set of potential alternatives based on qualitative and quantitative criteria. Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods can be effectively applied to determine the degree of benefit and prioritize. ARAS method is one of these methods. ARAS, fuzzy logic approach and ARAS method are used together by experts to overcome uncertainties and obtain clearer solutions. The solution to these problems largely depends on the evaluations and preferences of decision makers. Fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) method is widely used due to its high accuracy and consistency in ranking alternatives. In this study, it is discussed in order to present a practical application of the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) methodology, one of the MCDM methods. Regarding this, important databases such as Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar were nominated and a systematic and meta-analysis method called "PRISMA" was proposed. In this study, a practical application guide of the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) method methodology has been created for decision makers and practitioners. The study includes full-text articles retrieved from various literature platforms using verified keywords. Articles are reviewed to reveal the research results of the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) methodology. The study suggests that decision makers should focus more on sectoral applications with the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) methodology. The study allows to draw the attention of decision makers and stakeholders to a practical application of the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) methodology. an overview of the fuzzy ARAS (ARAS-F) methodology and its basic principles; It is a guide for academics and decision makers.

Marketing, MCDM, fuzzy ARAS, ARAS-F, PRISMA


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