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Urban perception is a form of awareness that distinguishes a city from other cities, revealing its distinctive and specific characteristics. Perception /perception of the city; is differentiated at the individual level according to the level of relations and communication established with the city and to other ties (spatial, socio-cultural, socio-economic). The features that each individual takes into consideration and takes care of is a different one and these characteristics vary from person to person. In this context, it is important to investigate urban perception of Uşak from the point of view of university students. Because, the students of Usak University constitute an important resident population for the city andmost of the students from outside the city are the determining factors of the perception of the city. The aim of this research is to identify the determining criteria of urban perception on Uşak City based on student population. The results of the research are expected to reveal important indicators can be used by the relevant authority and persons devoted to the planning decisions and urban policy/strategy development for the future of Uşak City, which is rapidly studentified. Questionnaire implementation using simple random sampling technique is the basic method of research. The obtained data was evaluated by SPSS program and supported by table and graphical presentations.

City, Urban Perception, University Students, Usak University.


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