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This study is the first in Turkey to combine the field of preschool education and school social work. Today, pre-school education is a period in which the child is given many qualifications such as physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and self-care development. In this period, adaptation to the school environment and acceptance is the most important step of a child's socialization process. School social workers support families, and at the same time they make social service interventions by strengthening links between the school and the society. Within the scope of the research, a literature survey was carried out in pre-school education institutions to determine the duties and interventions of school social workers. From the findings, it was concluded that school social workers in pre-school education institutions were an important member of the problem solving process in the school through methods such as parental support groups and family participation, using ecological theoretical perspectives in problems ranging from early diagnosis of developmental delays to autism spectrum disorders. For social justice and social equality, school social workers to be employed in school social services have an important role.

Preschool Period, Social Work


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