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When the people of Antep erupted against the French on April 1, 1920, they decided to defend their city until the death and they had made the leadership of not only Gaziantep but also the liberation of all of Turkey. 6.317 people from Gaziantep is martyred in this struggle. During the national struggle of Antep, many heroic events took place and as a result, Antep was home to the heroes of the National Struggle. Important personalities such as Şahinbey, Karayılan and Şehit Kamil who has fought the enemy at the expense of their souls and who is the symbol of our national struggle today; have certainly seen the values they deserve. Undoubtedly, it is the task of Turkish people, especially people from Gaziantep, to strive to keep these saintly memories of these personalities alive. In this process, art especially plastic arts, has important duties. In this study, it is aimed to evaluate defenses and heroes of Antep on the reflection of plastic arts. In this context, monuments, sculptures, paintings and other plastic art forms which are located in public open spaces within the city borders and based on defenses of Gaziantep were studied to determine their aesthetic and technical characteristics and to take inventory from them. For this purpose, the artifacts included in the limitation are photographed; their aesthetic and technical characteristics are examined in terms of the applicable criteria and the situations within their analogues. At the end of this study, it was seen that most of the works are above the universal aesthetic level average and are technically successful works. However, it is deduced that some of them did not adequately meet these criteria and were not exhibited in the appropriate areas. In addition, in the newly formed square and public spaces of Gaziantep city which continues to grow rapidly, it has been concluded that Antep's history and heroes should be told in detail with their original and technically successful works in accordance with the aesthetic taste of the times. This work is considered as important study because it provides an inventory of existing works and, if necessary, can be a source for new ones.

Gaziantep, Memorial sculpture, Heroes


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