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The divine address is a metaphysical quality that is beyond the senses, both as content and as a form of communication. For this reason, Allah Almighty has delivered his address through the prophets chosen among the people. The word Revelation; It is meant to give something to the heart, inspire, give orders, secretly whisper and suggest. This word, conceptually, is an appeal process that is conscious and knowledge-intensive. The collective subconscious is a very modern approach to explaining the nature of the Divine address. According to Watts, the Divine address is a connection between God and the prophets and constitutes the basis of three divine religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, Watt takes a different approach and tries to explain the descent of the Divine address in a modern way. In other words, the revelation experiences of the three great Divine religions, for him, stem from the collective subconscious. As a result of their experiences, the prophets heard some words in their hearts or consciousness. Modern thought tries to explain the access of these expressions to the consciousness or the hearts of the prophets on the occasion of collective subconsciousness. In other words, in the idea of collective subconsciousness, the existence of a creative element is accepted, but this creative element makes collective subconsciousness the source of the Divine address. We can say that divine addressing manifestations take into account the demands, expectations and needs of the society, their change and development. Taking into account the power, physiology, and culture of society, it is communicated to the prophets through the intermediary angel. However, the revelation incident is a divine activity. Therefore, it is not right to see the contents of the Divine address as information that rises from the collective sub-consciousness to the level of consciousness. In this report, the relationship between divine address and collective subconsciousness will be discussed and evaluated.

Divine Address, Spirit, Revelation, Collective Subconsciousness


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