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The territory of the Saur-Tarbagataysky area belongs to the region of mountain valleys, accumulative plains, denudation altitude plains. There are stratigrapho-paleontological natural monuments with open-pitched wreaths in the South Zaysan Krai on the slopes of the Makhachk Ridge. There are geological-paleontological, geomorphologic and "Beatiful Assyria", "Shiliky" natural monuments and "Ashutas" geologo-paleobotanical nature monument "Blue Horizon", "Kyin Kerish" and "Hell Horses". Ashutas is famous for its rarest plants nowhere else. It has received its name on the sulfur fragrance that is separated from the carbonated plant residues. Ashutas means a bitter stone in the Kazakh language. Paleobotanic scientists have discovered traces of stems on the leaves and evergreen subtropical vegetation dust, as well as traces of thermal thermites, insects and other insects. All these findings provide information on the subtropical climate of this region about 25 million years ago. One of the paleontological monuments of nature in the South Zaysan region is the magnificent mountain ranges of the Manguk mountain range, which are painted in a pink color, called "Fallen Hills". The soils vary from bright to red, brown, brown to green, and are influenced by the warm and humid climate in the Mesozoic time. Nature monument "Difficult - Kerish" is characterized by clayey erosion shrubs and horses, with the tops and divided reliefs. Kyin-Kerish canyon is a sedimentary rock that is dominated by erosion, predominantly of different colors. Wet and clay dirt creates an open, sophisticated landscape here. It is a triangular clay-dirt floor with a unique red, white and pink yellow edges. From the distance Kyin-Kerish rocks and clay rocks look like a flaming scattering on earth. For this purpose, they are called "Hell Horses". In the territory of the "Asubulak" geological mineral reserve there are rare earth metals, more than 100 minerals, valuable gemstones: turmaline, apatite, mountain crystal, lepidolite and other minerals. "Golubayiv" - a geological petrologic monument territory of 280 million tenge. years ago, the magma was dislodged on the surface with the granite in the variant with a striped formation. "Burthy Assyria" - a monument of nature - consists of alveoliite and sands of various types of clay found in the CIS for the first time in the CIS, consisting of bone remnants and dinosaur egg shells from ancient and naked seeds. Environmental protection measures can often be attributed not only to the economic and environmental but also to the development of tourism in the EKO region. Let's preserve the nature of this wonderful, wonderful, unique complex steppe system and protect its natural state!

stratigrapho-paleontologic, natural monuments


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