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In the modernization of modern education, fluent in the basics of their profession, pedagogical, competitive and competent professionals in the labor market is particularly important concerning the training and pedagogical approach. The younger generation of future professionals, parents, teaching staff to work together in the traditional pedagogical culture, ethnic pedagogy skills, as well as their own professional development to a high level of ambition must differ. In the conditions of modernization of modern education, ososbenno an important problem is the problem of ethnopedagogical and vocational training of competitive and competent experts in labor market, masterfully using the profession and fundamentals of ethnopedagogics. An important factor of implementation of the called requirements, the orientation of future experts to professional self-development by means of ethnopedagogics is considered. Educational process of the higher school defines living and world outlooks of professional experts therefore at the higher school formation of interest in traditional pedagogical culture, ethnic pedagogics is necessary, that is implementation of training of the real teacher of the country and the people without ethnopedagogical education is impossible. In a stage of vocational training in a higher educational institution, training of future experts for professional self-development because during this period motivational and valuable, cognitive and reflexive and activity sonova of professional self-development of the personality have been put is of particular importance. Ethnopedagogical preparation is an important part of vocational training of future expert, it is the continuous and operated process of formation of preparation for ethnopedagogical activity of future expert. The purpose of ethnopedagogical training of future experts for professional self-development, involvement of students to ethnocultural and pedagogical heritage of the Kazakh people, formation of readiness of use of heritages in own professional activity is.

future specialist training


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