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‎ İran Turk’s have rich culture, language, literature and oral traditional. This oral traditional ‎attracted the attention of researchers in recent times. İranian Azerbaycani Turks have rich oral ‎traditional. One of them named Ashıg’s. We find the gratest oral tradition of ashig’s in this ‎region. In wedding we can see ashigs epic story telling. In some kahvehane we can see oral epic ‎traditional with ashigs, but it powerless in the time. This important traditonal decreases dey bey ‎dey but it is seen. Tufarganli Abbas and Gulgez is one of the most importent oral traditional that ‎shown by ashgis. Young ashig who want to start this art must be telling this story complitly. ‎Because this story have elmost all ashig melody that ashigs need to say the other ashigs teling ‎story. The young ashig that says this story without any recurrense acceptable full ashig. Abbas ‎Tufarganlı Using the patterns of divan poetry in poems. As a result of the merging of written ‎literature and folk literature in his poems, we see that he is processed in a place of divine and ‎human love.In his poems, called Mirachname, divine love was addressed, and seven stories of ‎the earth and seven stories of the sky were reported.The effect of divan literature can be clearly ‎seen in these poems. In his poems about material love, the plain and fluent feature of lyrical ‎folk poetry as well as the mazmuns of Arab and Persian literature is evident. We have compiled ‎Tufarganl Abba and Gülgez story from Ashiq Hesen Gaffari. “Turkish Language Society ‎‎"Retaining the Turkish World and Turkey Transferring Turkish Epics" project was published in ‎‎2019. In this peaper, we introduce Tufarganli Abbas and Gülgez what collected in Tabriz.‎

Tabriz Ashiq Tradition, Tufarganlı and Gulgez Story, Epic.?


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