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In this study, some spelling issues about the Uighur-lettered Vienna copy, one of the three valuable copies of Kutadgu Bilig, will be addressed. In the study, based on the Viennese copy of Kutadgu Bilig, different spelling features emerging in the reading of Reşit Rahmeti Arat and the reading done by us will be determined. These differences will be evaluated in two different groups as vowels and consonants. For this study, firstly, the parts belonging to the Vienna copy were removed from the text publication of Reşit Rahmeti Arat, which included three copies, and a text specific to the Vienna version was created. For this, both the text and footnotes have been used. The second reading was made by me, completely independent of Arat, considering only the copy. The first example given was taken from the Kutadgu Bilig Text publication of Reşit Rahmeti Arat. The example in the second part is the form of the word that is thought to be spelling. Next to the examples given, the copy of the word, the number of pages, couplets and line notation are added respectively. Examples for all vowels were determined, and for consonants, only examples of consonants / t /, / d /, / s /, / z / were found. This study contains only one thousand couplets of Kutadgu Bilig, and I think that the resulting number of samples gives us the chance to make a generalist comment on the whole copy.

Kutadgu Bilig, Vienna Copy, Reşit Rahmeti Arat, transliteration.


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