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Student and Teacher Views Regarding Assessment with Kahoot Application

In this study, the opinions of primary school 4th grade students and classroom teachers about the evaluation of learning-teaching processes with the kahoot application, a Web 2.0 tool, were examined. The study was carried out with descriptive analysis, one of the qualitative research methods. Content analysis was used in analyzing the data. 19 4th grade students and 15 teachers participated in the study in 2016-2017. In the study, the data of kahoot application, which is a Web 2.0 tool in which primary school 4th grade students try to find the correct answer via any device they can connect to the internet (desktop computer, notebook, tablet, phone, etc.) has been. According to the findings obtained in the study, regarding the kahoot application process of the students; It was concluded that it supports entertaining participation by relieving the learner from stress, enabling communication among learners, and enabling the reinforcement of what has been learned. They stated that the teachers were aware of the application and that the kahoot application provides the ability to probe and practice innovations, be able to easily repeat, keep students active in the classroom, gain time, create an environment that students will love and have fun in line with their interests, and improve themselves professionally, shared the idea that it will enrich their education and training activities.

Teacher, Student, Digital game, Kahoot,


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