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A Comparative Study Within The Frame Of Turkey's And Japan's Television Broadcasting Supervisory Structures: Examination Of The Board Decisions Of RTÜK And BPO

With the proliferation of commercial broadcasting, many countries have established supervisory boards / structures in order to supervise television broadcasts. Within this scope, Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) was established in Turkey in 1994 and Publication Ethics and Program Development Organization (BPO) was established in Japan in 2003. RTUK is an autonomous and objective institution established in order to regulate visual and audio media. RTUK, Supreme Council and communication experts, conducts audits through the complaints made through the ALO 178 RTUK telephone line, RTUK website, RTUK e-mail address and through the audience representatives. BPO is carrying out audit process with three councils; the Committee for the Investigation of Broadcasting Ethics, the Broadcast and Human Rights, the Broadcast Committee for Youth Programming.It is aimed to comparatively analyze the decisions and sanctions applied by RTÜK and BPO in terms of television ethics as well as their structures in this study. Five hundred decisions contained in January and February 2020 reports of Radio and Television Supreme Council and a total of hundred and five decisions taken by BPO since the day it was established (in seventeen years) will be analyzed in this study in terms of television ethics by using content analysis method. In this way, decisions of RTÜK and BPO, which are the structures of two countries serving for broadcasting supervision; towards ethical problems, taken within the frame of laws or broadcasting standards and the solution methods generated will be tried to be presented by comparison.

Television, Ethics, RTÜK and BPO


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