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ABSTRACT As a result of the conceptual, formal and structural developments and interactions in all art branches, the concept of mini textile emerged as an experimental form within the scope of fiber art in the 1970s. With the use of innovative, creative methods and materials developed in parallel with the fiber art, mini textiles, by using the expression methods of contemporary art, have become a widespread phenomenon in the international arena today and enabled the discovery of a specific visual language that is peculiar to a superficial or voluminous structure. The visuals of the works of ten Turkish academician-artists, who produce works in this context at international level and ensure the development and sustainability of this art, constitute the boundedness of this study. The main purposes of this study are to include knowledge of the concept of mini textile and to introduce the works of Turkish academician-artists by interpreting them in terms of concept, material, technique, form, surface and color. The data of this study, which was conducted with the descriptive analysis method within the scope of qualitative research, was obtained by document analysis method, and reciprocal interviews with academician-artists helped to reveal the search for materials, techniques and forms and/or conceptual approaches in their works. When these works are analyzed, it is seen that mini textiles sometimes refer to the ideologies of the age, sustainability of national culture, nature, human and existence

Mini Textile, Fiber Art, Conceptual Approach, Material and Technique, Turkey


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