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The Art, Culture and Religious Views of Indian Diaspora: A Promotional Concept

Promotion of Indian art, culture and religion under an educational model is a concern for the fostering of Indian youths and people. National Educational Policy (NEP-2020) has taken necessary steps for the socio-academic development of Indian students and youth. Fostering arts, culture and religion is one of the priorities of the Government of India. Through the initiative it has been aimed that students will develop a strong sense of their own culture, languages, arts and traditions, that will boost the self-regard of the people of India, and benefit the society as a whole. For the promotion of the arts, culture and religions necessary steps have been taken by hiring craftsperson, writers, and experts who are experts of the areas of India’s vast civilization that has flourished by various cultural activities and spiritualities. Because of the sense of secularism, belongingness to each other and multilingual images, cultural teaching and learning will be implemented and instructed in classes and schools through multiple languages along with its previous style of language instructions such as Hindi and English. Therefore, it will be an opportunity for teachers who are experts in other languages and the subject matter on Indian traditional culture and religion. The objective of the paper is to know and gain knowledge about the religion, Hindu tradition, cultural heritage and sculptures of India and its curriculum as a lesson under India’s national educational policy (NEP) 2020. The outcome of the results of the paper is to gain a brief knowledge about India’s religious spiritualities within its cultural and artistic phenomenon. The form of documentary analysis is the methodology of the paper. The feature questions are how does the promotion of Indian culture, religion and art exist in Indian educational policy? What are opportunities and challenges?

Secularism; Ancient Scriptures; Socio-Religious Harmony; National Education Policy-2020; Karma.


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