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Architectural representation enables a designer to experience his ideas and dreams in a different environment beyond the mind. One of these representation tools are models. In the study, the stages of the transformation process of the Edirne Selimiye Mosque, which has symbolic value for the Turkish-Islamic world, and the Hagia Sophia Mosques, which are considered to be the common symbolic structure of the Christian-Islamic world, into a model, the problems encountered in this process and the analytical intervention methods are explained in detail. In the first stage of modeling, the structural features of Selimiye and Hagia Sophia mosques were determined by the literature review. Then, by trying to read the visual design criteria of mosques by the authors, a priority order was created with the concern of showing the principles that make Selimiye to Selimiye and Hagia Sophia to Hagia Sophia in the model. As a result of these readings, the symbolism feature of the models was determined as the most important criterion. Other visual design criteria for Selimiye Mosque in order of priority; emphasis, texture, proportion-proportion, full-empty effect, harmony, balance, rhythm, hierarchy, color and contrast for Ayasofya Mosque; contrast, color, hierarchy, texture, full-empty effect, emphasis, proportion-proportion, rhythm, balance and harmony. It has been observed that one of the most important problems that designers may encounter during modeling is the delicate structural elements that cannot be perceived in a 3D printer. In order to print these elements flawlessly, it may be necessary to intervene in the structural structure of the models. In addition, although 3D printer and drawing programs can be produced by easily scaling structures with different forms and structures, it has been understood that structures with symbolic features are insufficient to express the symbolism, therefore, structural and non-structural elements require intervention. As a result; The models, which have been used as an important architectural representation tool from the past to the present, will fulfill this task in the future by using different technologies. However, the success of this presentation technique is the meaning of the structure that the architect will add to the model.

Hagia Sophia Mosque, Selimiye Mosque, Model, Structure, Visual design criteria


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