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Coalition Politics in India: An Analysis of Emerging Trends since 1989 General Elections

Party System in India is unique both in its nature and dynamics. For a long period of time the history of Indian politics has been characterised by one dominant party system with Indian National Congress (INC) playing the pivotal role at the centre stage. The complexities and pluralities in the Indian politics led to the development of full-fledged political parties. Since 1989, there has been fractured mandate leading to the development of party coalitions in India. There has been an end to the era of single party governments both at the national level as well as at the level of several states. Therefore, drawing on the secondary sources, the objective of this paper is to analyse the positive and negative impacts of coalition on Indian politics. The paper would also delineate the different phases of party coalitions at the national level between 1989-2019.

Coalition, Political Parties, Party System, Indian Politics, Elections


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