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Opinions of Turkish Teacher Candidates Regarding AFAD Volunteering Trainings Conducted in Community Service Practices Course

This research aims to determine the quality of the practice by revealing the opinions of Turkish teacher candidates on AFAD volunteering training in the course of community service practices. In the study in which the interview method was applied, the interview questions prepared by the researcher and obtained expert opinion were used for the teacher candidates. Based on the data obtained, the positive / negative aspects of the application have been revealed. We are faced with disasters due to the location of our country, fault lines passing around it and global warming. In most cases, we don't know what to do and we desperately wait for someone to help. However, universities that prepare their students for life should work in this direction. Considering the possibility of the students who will be appointed as Turkish teachers to be appointed to every part of the country, the opinions of twelve AFAD volunteers who participated in the online trainings organized in the Social Service Practices course they took in the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year were collected using a semi-structured interview form. The data were analyzed using the content analysis method. The findings were collected under the themes of volunteering-positive, volunteering-negative, education-positive and education-negative. This research is expected to lead teacher candidates trained in all education faculties and all programs to become AFAD volunteers and contribute to the increase in the number of volunteers.

Turkish teacher candidates, community service practices, faculty of education.


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