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A Critical Assessment Of Hz. Hasan's Conditions Of Peace With Muaviye And The Material Requests That Are The Subject Of Some Rumors

Abstract: Some information about the childhood period of Hz. Hasan, who was born on 3/625 of the Migration, has been included in the sources in the context of the grandfather-grandchild relationship with Hz. Prophet (s). His name has been mentioned in historical sources on the axis of his individual activities on the occasion that he actively started life with some wars he participated in during the Caliph Hz. Osman period and was among those who protected the Caliph during the siege of Hz. Osman. It has been suggested that he was unwillingly involved in the internal wars that took place during the caliphate period of his father Hz. Ali. Hz. Hasan, who was declared as the caliph after the death of his father, took action with his army against the Emir of Damascus Muaviye b. Abu Sufyan with the effect of his environment and the conditions that formed, but did not consider it appropriate to shed Muslim blood in a possible war and renounced his position of caliphate by paying allegiance to some conditions to Muawiyah, who was enthusiastic about the emirate. However, his noble behavior was overshadowed by the perception that he handed over the caliphate with the material demands that were the subject of some rumors. However, when the information about the material demands in these narrations is examined, its accuracy does not seem possible mentally, logically, under the circumstances at the moment. These claims of material demand have been included in the sources as the product of accusing the Ahli Bayt family and its members of pursuing materialism.

Hz. Hasan, Caliphate, Peace, Muaviye, Material Demands


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