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Art is a notion that expresses the productions of people to express their creativity with aesthetic elements. Visual arts which have a simultaneous past with the history of humanity have influenced and directed people and societies throughout history without losing their effectiveness. Newspaper which is a mass media has a quality that meets the common ground with art in terms of influencing people and societies. The primary purpose of the newspaper is to inform and its history dates back to 59 BC, Ancient Rome. Although the newspaper is a low cost communication media and is printed to announce the actual to the masses; over time, it came under the control of people or institutions, ideologies and powers in order to maintain its existence. The same situation is also viable for art works. Art has continued to exist in the control and support of an elite class or governments throughout history. This study has a different perspective that brings together art and newspaper, and focuses on newspapers as an image in art works in history. The aim of the study is to reveal for what purpose of the newspaper images includes in paintings. The newspaper images in the paintings will be handled with the descriptive analysis method and evaluated within the context of the paintings. The selected ten paintings which contain newspaper images as a visual element constitute the scope of the study. The use of newspaper image in art works indicates that they attend the social, economic and cultural dynamics of the period they belong to. The results of the study reveal that art as a discipline raises communication and communication mutually raises art.

Image, Newspaper, Art, Painting, Mass Media


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