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European On the Move – Early Experience

Expansion of Medieval Europe started from the eighteen and nineteen centuries when the Carolingian conquest of the pagan Saxons and Avars in Central Europe. The story of Spaniards to the new world in the early centuries was a European exploration of the world. The British migration to the New World was not that significant during the earlier period. Dutch settlement through forced migration in Cape Town was another exploration of European settlement. The objective of the article is to know migratory settlement throughout the world from inside the European continent to Outside Europe. The outcome has shaped the colonial picture of European in America, Asia, and Africa. The methodological process has been done through online resources such as e-books, online news articles as a documentary analysis of the qualitative approach. The feature question of the article is what were the reasons for the establishment of a settlement by the Europeans worldwide?

Colonialism, Spaniard in the Philippines, Dutch in Cape Town, SA, English Migration in the Cross Atlantic, Settlement, Trade and Religious Expansion.


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