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The aesthetics of comics, which became an integral part of popular culture in the 1960s, was also reflected in contemporary art. Many contemporary painters have shown interest in the comic book format and have embraced the conceptual structure behind its visual fiction. This research aims to explore the artworks mostly paintings of Ida Applebroog, based on the fact that the comic book, which is accepted as the ninth art, interacts with contemporary art as a means of expression. Ida Applebroog, who is seen to be influenced by the feminist thought that brought the power relations in the private sphere to the agenda after 1970, is one of the contemporary artists known for her works in formats such as painting, installations, pictured books.Her works where graphic elements stand out mostly deals with concepts. She is known for using the intimate aspects of bilateral relations and family relations in her works. However, in this paper, her works will be reviewed in terms of form. Within the scope of the research, the relationship between the formal language and comics that make up Applebrook's works has been examined. Comic book aesthetics in the context of composition, fiction, time and space relations to the art of painting contributions will be examined. The aim of this study is to emphasize the existence of new possibilities in contemporary painting by revealing the interaction between comics and contemporary art. In addition, it is aimed to contribute to the studies that can be done in the field by raising awareness on the reflections of comics as a language of expression on contemporary art.   

Key Words: Comics, Graphic, Narrative, Contemporary Painting


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