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It is obvious to all of us that the Kazakh nation has become the anthem of heroism and exploits, which has gone through many centuries. The issue of independence is not only the problem of today, but also the beginning of the heritage of the ancestors. One of the topical issues in this article is the poetry world, which has been actively engaged in all political and social issues since the foundation of the Kazakh state. It is not enough to overcome the enemy in order to become a state. The state needs mutual understanding, which determines the goals set by the interests of self-centered thinking. That is, the strengthening of the state depends not only on the strength of the armed forces and diplomatic relations, but also on the strength of the spirit. The power of the Spirit is a moral and ethical category that begins with religion. These categories are considered throughout the Kazakh philosophy of the Khanate, the era of the Khanate, the era, educational, political and social levels. But in this article were considered representatives of the Khan era, religious and ethical problems in poems of poets. Especially as they reported to the people the verses written in the surahs of the Koran, and the hadeeth of the prophet Muhammad (sas). Kazakh philosophers can be considered wise and talented in everything. The reason is that they performed several functions in the history of the formation of the Kazakh people. For example, when the khan could not find a solution, when people were scattered, they turned to zhyraus who had an objective look and spoke truthful words that had the courage to say in the most important events in the life of the country, they surprised the khans and batyrs with their wisdom , they calmed the people at tidbits and called for unity. The relevance of the article first speaks of one of the rich history of the nation, while preserving the uniqueness of globalization, and secondly, in order to easily understand such problems as small jihad, big jihad, ahida, sharia and hadith, they are easily presented. According to the representatives of the cultural theory of globalization, if a nation does not know its spiritual worldview, it will lose its uniqueness in boiling cauldron. Thus, the world outlook of zhyraus, propagandizing patriotism and morals, will remain valuable.

globalization, zhyrau, religious education, identification, philosophy


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