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In the modern world, the role of education as a strategic resource that promotes progress in all areas of society requires systematic changes. As the main and longest stage of education, the key success of providing a new quality of school education is the future success of every citizen and society as a whole. It is important that pupils and their parents create the conditions for full access to education that meets the individual needs of each person. Different training options and methods should be accompanied by objective information about the quality of educational services that can be identified in the process of assessing student performance. The relevance of the assessment process is high on the basis of today's strategic goals in the field of education, the need to improve the quality of education, taking into account international standards of education and modern requirements, the objectivity of educational results and the competitiveness of Kazakh school leavers, is determined by the need to develop uniform requirements for its assessment The analysis of the results of the PISA-2009 study in Kazakhstan reflects the current perspectives of the national education system as a priority of the education policy within the framework of the State Program for the Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 and improving the monitoring of the quality of education. In pedagogical practice, the five-point system, which is usually used today, is inevitably ordinary and easy to use. Nevertheless, this does not allow discrimination and objectivity of the price, since its ability to provide self-assessment of its achievements by students, as well as the knowledge gained in the training process, can be obtained as a proposal to improve one's own success no specific and clear criteria. The application of an evaluation system based on criteria in the educational process makes it possible to identify and improve the system for assessing students' academic performance with the specific tasks of the individual subject, as well as using certain parameters (criteria) that allow students to develop their competencies in the primary school

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