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Evaluation of Legal Infrastructure of Digital Currencies in Turkey

In order for the crypto money tax to be collected, it must first be regulated by law. The first thing to do is to legalize cryptocurrencies as assets and money and then tax them accordingly. We will first examine the attitudes of some states towards cryptocurrencies and then touch on tax issues in the next step. A study of attitudes in the European Union (EU) shows that only four EU countries guarantee cryptocurrencies (EU). In the statement of the Bank of Turkey Regulation and Supervision Agency dated 25 November 2013 and numbered 2013/32; According to the Law No. 6493 on Payment and Securities Payment Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions, bitcoin cannot be issued as digital money, and there is no accreditation and inspection requirement within the scope of this decree. In transactions with Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, there is no risk of accessing the personal information of the buyers, the use of virtual money for illegal activities and theft or loss of market equivalent currency. Due to some similar risks, such as the use of electronic packages or unauthorized use of transactions or irreversible transactions, citizens who deposit funds need to be careful. In this study, it was tried to examine the crypto money tax in Turkey.

Money, crypto money, tax, crypto money tax in Turkey


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