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The importance of sports sciences increases day by day in individual and social fields. In addition to contributing to the development and protection of physical and mental abilities of individuals, sports sciences are expected to include activities that address a complex process concerning directly the public health, culture and economy. In this sense, sport, as a human action, turns into a phenomenon that needs to be dealt with ontologically, epistemologically and ethically. It can be said that the current discussions in the field of the history and philosophy of science also include the methodological problems of sports sciences. It is difficult to say that philosophy is sufficiently and effectively utilized in solving possible problems encountered in the field of sports sciences. The content of undergraduate course content and athlete training in faculties of sports sciences, which have practical repetitions to a large extent, has caused mental preparation and reactions to be far from the field of philosophy. It is clear that mental preparation is an important part of both training and competitions. It is undoubtedly important for the success of the athlete and the development of the sport that this preparation is handled together with the discipline of philosophy beyond a mere motivation process. In this sense, the effect of intentionality, especially in team games, and its effects on team skill will be discussed with a mathematical modeling example in the present study. Thus, it is aimed to increase the possibility of testing the limits of human skills and to reveal a new set of ethical and technical discussions. As a result of these developments, it is expected that important contributions to the universal identity of sports will be revealed and the concept of human will be reconsidered. In the study, it is aimed to evaluate the actions of athletes with a different perspective from a philosophical and mathematical point of view.

Sport, Philosophy, Mathematics, Modeling, Intentionality


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