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Investigation of Digital Citizenship İndicators of Public Education Center Master Trainers According to Various Variables

The rapid development in the field of information and technology has transformed today's information age into a digital process. This process has deeply affected all social systems, from education to health, from communication to entertainment. Learning and renewal skills, life and professional skills, information media and technology skills, learning environment and methods have changed. While the philosophy of lifelong learning gained importance, non-formal education institutions played an important role in adapting people to this changing process. The most important share in this role falls to the teachers working in institutions. In this research, it is aimed to reveal the digital citizenship indicators of master trainers working in Public Education Centers, which is one of the non-formal education institutions. The sample, which was designed with the descriptive scanning method, consisted of 530 masters working in Samsun Public Education Centers. The data in the research were obtained with the form and the "Digital Citizenship Scale", in which personal information about the digital tool usage preferences of the master trainers is included. In the analysis of the normally distributed data, it was seen that the perspectives of the master trainers on digital citizenship were only in the "correct use" sub-dimension, with an average of 4.47, in the other dimensions, and in the general average, "agree". It was determined that there were significant differences in favor of young master trainers in terms of gender and age variable. In addition, all of the participants in the study used smartphones; while all of them use WhatsApp, followed by social networks such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, respectively; While almost all of the participants use e-government applications, applications such as health, education, social security issues and obtaining information come respectively according to the purpose of use; It was determined that %80 of the participants shopped online.

Digital citizenship, adult education, public education center, master trainer


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