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Business life is affected by the fast and constantly changing environment. The current generation, called the z generation, which has some common and unique features, has characteristic features compared to previous generations and is seen in different positions in business life. The digital world is an integral part of recruiting Generation Z. On the other hand, while the digital world continues to develop, create and maintain, it establishes connections with graduate university students. As Generation Z begins to enter the labor market, the need to better understand their characteristics is increasing day by day. Businesses have important duties for the assignment and correct positioning of the Z generation in business life. Working environments are changing more flexibly to adapt to the new age and to understand the needs of technologies and new generation users. The rise of the collaborative movement, the greater flexibility and fluidity of Gen Z leads to abandonment of traditional working models. The new generation of employees is not looking for a desk in an office. They seek workspaces where their entrepreneurial spirit can come to the fore and where they can socialize, collaborate and innovate with like-minded people. While accepting that today's workplaces are not machines and need to get away from screens and push notifications at regular intervals, they are also aware that they need to take advantage of new technology. New generation offices create special environments where employees can relax and increase their motivation, as well as low-tech, common areas that emphasize face-to-face interaction. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the role of Generation Z in business life and the preferences of Generation Z about working environments, communication and employee benefits with content analysis. Additionally, the discussion of the characteristics of Generation Z aims to shed light on recommendations on how firms should prepare for and accommodate the millions of current and future Generation Z employees.

Generation Z, New Generation, Workplaces


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