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A Review On Artificial Intelligence Strategy Paper

It is expected that artificial intelligence will completely change the structure of production and consumption in the future. From this point of view, it is possible to say that economic artificial intelligence will redefine economic relations. In this context, the study is based on examining the strategy document "Artificial Intelligence Strategy Report 2021-2025" announced on artificial intelligence technology in Turkey and evaluating the institutional perspective on artificial intelligence. In the study, the policy proposals made regarding the priority areas in the document were critically examined and possible policy proposals were made. As a result of these examinations, it has been revealed that the next 100 years of production will be shaped by artificial intelligence, and in this context, it is extremely important for our country not to stay out of this process, to manage and adapt to the process. In this context, the framework drawn by the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Report is extremely valuable. It is possible to say that if the strategy document achieves its main objectives, we will be included in the artificial intelligence network and realize the production process with artificial intelligence, adapt our education infrastructure to new production methods, train experts in the field, and harmonize the business world with artificial intelligence.

Artifical Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Strategy Report, Türkiye.


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