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So far, many different views and thoughts have been put forward regarding the concepts of Alevi and Alevism. The reason for the diversity here is based on the difference between the places where it is used over time. One of the main factors causing confusion is the claim that Alevism is a sect that broke away from Shia and continues to exist in Anatolia. Because everyone who feels a wholehearted devotion to Ali and is a supporter is given the name "Alevi". Therefore, the first use of Alevism as a dedication refers to a politically specific and large community. From this point of view, Shia and Alevism are used in the same sense. Although the concepts of Alevi and Shia are used in the same sense as an expression, over time they cease to carry only a political argument and they also come to contain theological arguments. This forms the basis of the birth of Shia as the first pro-Ali sect in history. The views developed by Shia over time are based on religious-political foundations. As for the term Alevism, the nomadic Turks' adoption of Islam by blending it with their old beliefs and cultures paved the way for the birth of a heterodox Turkish Islam. However, after the Safavid propagandas, which formed the point of interaction with the Shia, Shiite motifs were permanently embedded in this heterodox Turkish belief and created today's Alevism. However, it should not be forgotten that Alevism, as a mystical-mystical structure, does not accept the religious motifs it received from Shia. Because they interpreted the motifs they took from Shia in their own way. In this study, first of all, the emergence of the concept of Alevi and its usage area will be discussed. Then, in order to show that they have separate political histories, their emergence adventures and their places in history will be briefly explained. Finally, the aspects of Alevism and Shia that are associated with each other will be given in general terms without elaborating.

Alawi, Shia, Alevism, Qızılbash, Twelve imams, Ahlul Bayt.


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