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The basic building blocks of the folk poetry are symbols and symbols. Turkish folk songs, which have a strong and concise expression language within the oral products of the people, stand out among the nasıl types that describe the culture of the society they belong to in the widest and most comprehensive way. Animal and plant names are the most commonly used symbolic concepts in folk songs that express the cultural, social and economic life of the society that is the Creator. These concepts, which are symbolized by certain aspects and qualities, make the word effective and deepen meaning. The correct interpretation of symbols is important in comprehending the richness of the meaning world of the Turks. Within the scope of this study, approximately four hundred Turkish folk songs were studied using the written source screening method. The use of animal names in Malatya folk songs in the text and their functions are emphasized. The main animal names in the texts of Malatya region are gazelle, bee, lion, horse, fish, owl, nightingale, impala, jackal, camel, cock, goose, mule, partridge, sheep, frog, wolf, lamb, bird, ox, duck, suna, hawk, crane, snake and onager. Among these animals, the name of the birds has taken place and as a symbol, the most widely used animal was the nightingale. lamb, sheep, ceylan, partridge and snake are other animals that are frequently used

Malatya, folk song, animal, symbol, image.


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