Evaluation Process

1. Mames or information to uncover the identity of the author should be included in the manuscripts submitted to the system of SOCIAL SCIENCE DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL (SSDJOURNAL)

2. Each manuscript submitted to the system of SSDJOURNAL is firstly evaluated by the editor or assistant editors in terms of relevance to the principles of spelling and publication. At the end of this evaluation, if there are any corrections to be made, the manuscript will be returned by the editors to the author to make the necessary changes.

3. The manuscripts that do not correspond to the principles of spelling will not be forwarded to referees.

4. The manuscripts corresponding to the principles of spelling and publishing are forwarded to the referees. At least two referees are chosen to assess every manuscript approved by editors. The referees are chosen among the specialist of the field or department represented in the text.

5. The names of the referees and authors are confidential to each other.

6. The evaluation period of the manuscripts for the referees is 30 days at most. Another referee will be assigned for the scripts that were not reported at the end of this period.

7. The manuscript that receives two favorable referee reports is qualified for publication. The ones receiving one favorable and one unfavorable report are forwarded to a third referee and it is decided whether the manuscript will be published according to the report of the third referee.

8. The referees may want to see the manuscripts for which they asked corrections. In case that demand is stated in the report, the corrected form of the text will automatically be sent to the referee by the system.

9. The authors may object to the referee’s report within a reasonable frame and with convincing data. The objections are investigated by the board of the journal and if relevant, another referee (or referees) may be consulted about the subject.

10. For the manuscripts submitted to the electronic system of SSDJOURNAL the authors may trace in which phase of the evaluation process their text is at that moment, by using their membership information. The process of refereeing should be followed carefully, and since the system allows corrections for once only, the author is recommended to wait until both of the referees complete their evaluation and upload their reports into the system.

11. The editors strictly follow the corrections demanded by the referees. Thus, editors may decide whether to publish a manuscript or not.