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Terror means fear in Latin. In this context, main aim of terrorist attacks which occur in a manner of frighten and violent activities is to demolish the public authority. Every country in world, no matter in which region it is, becomes target of such terrorist activities. Nowadays in which climate of fear driven by terrorism reaches enormous scales, states has to increase expenditures for defense and security. On the other hand, another cost escalator arises out of to diminish the destructive effects of terrorist activities. To retrieve pecuniary loss and intangible damages of injured as well is another source of problem. One of the leading problems of the humanity in this day and age is poverty. Individuals who have incomes under the base for living humanely have to survive exiguously both economically and socially. The arguments that there is a racked effect between terrorism and poverty is a debatable issue in the literature, it is agreed that both factors are interacting. It means that increasing of terrorism may raise poverty and increasing of poverty may prompt terrorist activities. Main aim of this study is to reveal the relationship between terrorism and socio-economic factors that cause poverty on a global scale. In this concept, simple and multiple regression models have been done by using cross-section analysis of the most effected 50 states in 2014 Global Terrorism Index. According to the regression results, there is a linear relationship between Global Terrorism Index and occurred terrorist activities and number of casualties. Besides, there is an inverse relationship between Global Terrorism Index and Human Development Index, but a linear relationship between expected years of schooling rate and mean years of schooling rate and Global Terrorism Index. There is also an inverse relationship between political stability and Global Terrorism Index; linear relationship between Global Peace Index and Global Terrorism Index. To decrease of terrorist activities in a certain country is not possible just improving economic factors. It is only possible if economic, social and political factors improve. Also, a global movement that covers common attitude against terrorism, respect to pluriformity and based on relation of causality can decrease terrorist activities.

Terrorism, Poverty, Terrorism Index, Cross-Section Analysis.


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