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This article describes the geographical peculiarities of the tourist resort "Issyk Kul". Ysykkol is a lake in Kyrgyzstan. In mountain ridges between the Kungey Alatau and Terskei Alatau in the Northern Tien Shan, at a height of 1608 meters above sea level. Ysykkol is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Issyk-Kul. In addition, this article also mentions the historical name of the lake. In the past, the name of the lake was Zinchzy and Dacinzhi (Chinese "transparent" and "large transparent"), the lake Suie, Jihai, and Yanghai. It translates from Chinese into "Lake of Chu River", "Hot or Hot", "Salty". Tuzkol or Tuzkol-Nor salt lake in Turkic and Mongolian languages. According to Chinese sources, from the 7th century the local population called it Issyk-Kul. There are two different facts about the modern name of the lake, which is explained in more detail in this article. In terms of its geological structure, the Issyk-Kul is considered to be a tectonic lake. Its reasons are widely considered in the last part of this article. Located in the Tien-Shan Mountains, Issyk-Kul is considered to be the main recreational property of the country, which is called the "Pearl of the Tien-Shan". Here are sightseeing resorts of Kyrgyzstan. This information is also described in this article. In addition, this article considers the life of the mountain people. In the mountainous terrain and middle mountainous areas, the population grows cattle and dairy cattle in the high mountains. The number of horse breeds is about 300,000 more than the large herds. That's why the main and favorite drink of the locals in the mountainous areas are widely used in koumiss. Farms with breeding horses are located on the Issyk-Kul coast. Discussing the geographical location of the Issyk-Kul lake and its geomorphological structure, the article mentions that the tourist object is a healing region. Besides, geographical conditions of reserves and picturesque places on the territory of Lake Issyk-Kul are provided.

Tien-Shan, Issyk-Kul, Sholpan-Ata, Issyk-Ata, Zhetysoz, Altyn-Arashan, tourism, geology, tectonics, landscapes, toponyms, mineral springs.


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