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In the article of analytical analysis. The development of spiritual freedom, raising the awareness of every Kazakhstani through a sense of high responsibility, a deep sense of reality. Progressive development at any stage begins with a qualitative change in consciousness. A person who understands this pattern of evolutionary development will deeply feel, clearly know that in society, as in nature, everything is interconnected. Such knowledge is well thought out, formulated and its usefulness is unlimited: a person armed with it will never be mistaken, will take the path of progressive development; will be far from evil, ready to give his kindness to everyone around him. One of the most important modern technologies is purification from pretense. If we consider it as a worm, eating the core of society, then this will lead to getting rid of most negatives. The real idea in the article is confirmed through the "Treatise on the inhabitants of the virtuous city" Al-Farabi. The existence of a prosperous society aimed at good relations depends on the purity of the intentions of the people living in it. The basis of the policy of the Kazakh society aimed at modernizing the national consciousness is "competitiveness". From this it follows that a citizen of Kazakhstan should have high professionalism and become a good specialist. Striving for the peak of professionalism is characterized by diligence to be a master of one's own business, meeting high standards. Leadership qualities are inherent in human being. The present paradigm of development in the article is explained through the application of the mechanism in the process of fertilization in the birth of man. Responsible attitude to his work forms responsibility to his life. A man armed with such principles will not blame others for his failures; will work on their mistakes and strive to correct them; to learn from your mistakes. And for the successes achieved, the feeling of gratitude will grow, confidence in oneself will increase; a person will become a kind, gentle character. The society will be illuminated by such sunny people. Consequently, concepts such as "the transformation of consciousness" or "the alchemy of the soul" are not mysticism unquestionably these are opportunities that can be fully realized. The modern education system based on the principle of "education in the course of life" is not only a powerful resource laying the foundation for the future of the nation, but also a potential for social modernization of society. From this it follows that in the age of information-forced development, an updated content of education is needed: knowledge that indicates the path to spiritual development and the power of man. The psychological tool in the development of public consciousness is the effective use of modern psychotechnics, responsibility for the development of awareness, responsibility, creativity.

public consciousness, freedom of spirit


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