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An in - depth study of the plant life cycle in the article is one of the earliest subject areas. It is morphological, physiological, ecological, ontogenetic and phylogenetic in science. p. in terms of industry. Life Cycle is the stage of development of organs, individuals, or one or more generations of individual species. During the ontogenesis, ie during the period of individual development of the plant organism and the end of its existence, it is subjected to a number of morphological and physiological changes as a result of the sequential growth and differentiation of organisms. These processes, by interconnection, create a different structure of conventional developmental processes [1, 2]. As a result of the ontogenesis process, the process of disintegration and differentiation begins in the process of formation of an isolated fetus. The fetus moves to the embryonic stage of postmenopausal (morphologically and physiologically, though not in space). As the cultivation of agricultural plants and their high quality products have been gaining interest from the indigenous peoples, their goal is to explore their biological features, such as growth and development and physiology. The growth and development of the plant, in particular, has a significant impact on light, temperature and water, and requires a thorough study of these environmental factors. It is also important to identify the features of the ontomorphogenesis of species when introducing such plants into a more cultural context [3, 4; 5]. 7 types of cultures were obtained as research objects to achieve the purpose of the work. From Monocotyledon plants were derived wheat (Triticum), maize (Zea mays), barley (Hordeum), onion (Allium), from Dicetyledon plants were obtained carrot ( Daucus), Eggplant (Solanum melongena), pumpkin (Pepo) plant. In the laboratory, the net weight of the seed was first measured and its quality was determined to determine the seed intensity. Further, control of the dynamics of reproduction and reproduction of seed complete with the method of Forsova [6].

Wheat, Corn, Barley, Onion, Carrot, Eggplant


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