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News Coverage Of Incidents Of Violence Against Women In Kyrgyzstan Press: a Study On Cecherniy Bishkek and Delonomer newspapers

The phenomenon of violence against women is a phenomenon spreading throughout the world and deeply affecting all societies. Today, the vast majority of women are victims of violence both by the community and by domestic violence. Violence against women, which is considered to be the sensitive part of society, is mostly reflected in the media and constitutes the agenda. On the other hand, if the media coverage of violence against women creates social responsibility and awareness, it also shows that the social position of women has changed. Such representation of violence in the media causes legitimacy, insignificance, and neglect of necessary measures. The purpose of this study is to analyze the reflection of violence against women in the media. Quantitative research method was used in the study and the results obtained were interpreted and evaluated. The analysis was made on 34 news articles dealing with violence against women and the findings were interpreted.

Violence against women, newspaper, victim, types of violence, aggression.


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