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German Education in the Distance Education Process

In this study, it is carried out to determine the views of students who actually took German preparatory courses with distance education during the Covid-19 pandemic regarding their perspective on the distance education system and german courses conducted with distance education. For this purpose, it is aimed to compare the grades received in face-to-face education in 2018 and the grades they received during the distance education process in 2019 by students who are studying at Sakarya University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, German Department of Interpreting and taking German preparatory courses. Students' success and failure has been linked to their stay away from school culture. As a result of the research, it was seen that students did not adopt the distance education system too much and did not have any problems with the ability to use technology related to the use of the system. While it is seen positively that video recordings related to the maintenance of German teaching by remote methods can be re-watched, flexible educational opportunities and time savings, issues such as the inemenities of not always reaching the internet and the lecturer and socially insement have been identified as negative aspects. As a result, it was proposed that distance education should be supported by using other platforms, not just course registration systems connected to the university infrastructure.

Distance Education, Face to Face Education, Covid-19, German Education


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