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Mirror as a Variable Form Proposal in Contemporary Art

Form discussions, which is one of the main reasons for the great breaks and new beginnings in art, freed the artists by moving art to an experimental field and became effective in the context of the point that today's art has reached. Although the idea of ready-made object was perceived as a kind of mediocrity and loss of aura in art in the early days, this situation, which was shaped under an aesthetic point of view, is no longer in a disadvantageous position as before. Accordingly, the pictorial descriptions of all forms of daily life, as well as the direct or associated use, started with Modernism and continued until today. While the mirror, which is one of these forms, is an image that is frequently used in oil painting descriptions, it has evolved to a conceptual level over time. It has attracted the attention of today's artists because it corresponds to reflection, reflection, showing, hiding, transforming, duplicating and many more. In this context, the methods of using the mirror as an artistic form and how it is positioned as a work of art will be discussed, and within the scope of this article, the works of contemporary artists who have mirror-oriented works will be included. As a research method, besides printed sources, images of artists and works of art will be examined and transferred via internet-based data.

Mirror, Form, Contemporary Art


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