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Bibliometric Analysis of the Organizational Dissent Studies: Comparison of Scopus and WoS Databases

The interest in the concept of organizational dissent is rapidly increasing in national and international literature. This study, it is aimed to determine the status of the publications on the concept of organizational dissent. For this purpose, organizational dissent studies in Scopus and WoS databases were examined together, and the similarities and differences between the databases were analyzed using VOSviewer software. The first search was carried out on March 16, 2022, in order to identify the studies in the field of organizational dissent. 70 publications were reached in Scopus and 71 publications in WoS. In terms of the concept of organizational dissent, it has been determined that the publications in the databases show similarities in terms of research questions. According to the research findings, publications on organizational dissent are distributed between the years 1985-2021. In order of the countries with the most publications, there are USA, Turkey and Finland. Communication Research Reports is the journal with the most publications. The authors with the most publications are respectively; Garner J.T., Kassing J.W., and Croucher S.M. In contrast, the most cited authors are Kassing J.W., Garner J.T. and Avtgis T.A. When the keywords used with organizational dissent are examined, the most repetitive words are; it has been determined that there are "employee voice", "dissent" and "whistle-blowing". It is seen that the only difference between the two databases is in terms of the topics used by the databases.

Organizational dissent, Bibliometric analysis, Scopus, WoS


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