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Poverty, which is a serious problem for all countries in these days, has gained momentum due to economic social and ecological problems resulting from environmental degradation. Especially, with the accelerating migration phenomenon, the distinctive separation of urban and rural areas has also affected the severity and structure of the problems. Assessment in the form of urban and rural poverty is important in terms of addressing the problems within their own structure and finding solutions. However, rural poverty is a more intense and widespread phenomenon than urban poverty. Rural poverty, which is gaining momentum with the phenomenon of migration, reaches dimensions that threaten the whole world and requires urgent measures to be taken. In this context, the fight against poverty has been of the last importance for the sustainable development because economic and social impacts of poverty affect sustainable development negatively. Essentially, sustainability is the basic answer to supplying today's needs without risking supplying the needs of future generations, and the poverty issue prevents sustainability and also it is the the result of the failure to achieve sustainability. Sustainability approach and understanding of poverty together are important for solving the problem of poverty. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the rural poverty in the context of the sustainability approach in the increasingly aggravating poverty problem. In this context, sustainable policies and rural poverty problem are considered jointly to reduce of the severity as a solution in the theoretical framework.

Sustainability, Sustainability Development, Poverty, Rural Poverty


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