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Location of Industry in Uşak and Its Effect on Urban Macroform

The city of Uşak is an important industrial city today, especially with its traditional business lines, its inclusion in the priority provinces in development, and its accelerated industry. In this study, the development of the industry was evaluated together with the development process of residential areas.The relationship between the development of the city and the location of industrial facilities and its effect on the shaping of the urban macroform were examined. The fact that no studies on this subject have been carried out in the city constitutes the main starting point. The literature review was carried out by considering the data in the historical process. It has been determined that there are 3 important breaking points of the city and industrial development. The findings were differentiated between the 1923-1953 Period, the 1953-1990 Period, and the Post-1990 Period, and the relationship between industrial location and residential texture development for each period was examined on a spatial scale on maps that were originally prepared with the AutoCAD program. As a result of the study, the effects of industrial facilities, industrial clusters, and OIZ areas located on the city periphery were evaluated, and guiding determinations and suggestions for urban planning were presented.

Industry Localization, Urban Macroform, Urban Development, Uşak City. 1. GİRİŞ


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