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Proposition of a Trading Bot for Cryptocurrency Market

Blockchain technology opens up new business opportunities, and the market capitalization of the industries it connects has been growing quickly in recent years. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, trading them are growing in importance. Due to the market's great volatility, trading carries a very high risk, and many new traders face financial losses. Furthermore, seasoned traders are unable to work nonstop and thus, lose out on some trading opportunities. The aim of this study is to design a trading bot for the cryptocurrency market. there are currently a lot of trading bots in use on the crypto exchange markets. They never pass up a trading opportunity that comes around in a day. Both new and seasoned traders can use automated trading bots, depending on their needs. However, most of these bots are not free to use and their free features are very limited. This study aims to fill this gap by designing a free trading bot for the cryptocurrency market. MACD and RSI indicators will be used while designing the trading bot. As a result, a simple bot which both new and seasoned traders can easily used will be available.

cryptocurrency market, trading bot, blockchain, system development


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