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The author, who declared that the world entered the pre-doctrine era, has accordingly declared that this information about this fact, in fact, was in the Maya and Aztec civilizations. The author mentioned the existence of the man who drilled the chest, the man who came in the anchors in the skies and the glittering man in these civilizations. Solomon departed from Jerusalem and set up expeditions for distances of one month in the morning and one month in the evening. According to this, Suleiman had traveled to the American continent that formed the Sebe community and communicated Islam to those who live there. The reason for this is that he has a vehicle that is advanced enough to travel a month and return a month. Moreover, according to the writer, Suleiman had transferred the kingdom's patriarch / Balkıs from America to Jerusalem without any change. Thus, the Qur'an had mentioned for the first time the transfer of the match / goods and the transfer of the goods. So even today, someone had carried out something that does not come to mind, that is, the transport of goods. The map of the world drawn by Piri Reis in 1513, which differs by 5% from the ones taken from the satellite today, was actually based on drawings that drawn by Suleiman. It had been focused on the subject of Zulkarnayn in this work. Because this issue had been debated since the thousand and four hundred years and has not been concluded. This part of Zulkarnayn which is only mentioned in the Qor’an, had been explained a new exegesis by Alagash. The writer, who is very meticulous in this exegesis, paid utmost attention to the harmony of the data. In this regard, he stated that the previous explanations are inadequate. In fact, he had refused most of them. This is the short description of the Sufi Kehf, Hz. The ambassador has been accused of asking a question. It is also narrated that the question was asked by the Medina Jews. In this surah, been placed to the eposide of the cave friends, the journey made by Moses with righteous servants, and the process of Zulkarnayn. In this episode, at first, the writer, who declared that Zulkarnayn was a nickname of Suleiman actually, claimed that the name of owner fish been exemplified Yunus and the name of messiah that been exemplified Jesus. In other words, Allah, who addressed them with these nicknames, gave to Suleiman to Zulkarnayn nickname. Meanwhile the author has stated that all the miracles declared in the Qur'an, are miracles connected to God's command, or that they are miracles things that Allah has caused by reason, illness and knowledge. For example, he had said that the miracle of fire, which does not burn Abraham, depends on God's command. Again, birds have been revived after being cut off, or turned into birds after they have been made from the mud, have been regarded as miracles connected to Allah's command. The writer, however, had stated that Zulkarnayn did what he used on the expeditions and adhered to the reasons, and that he realized his campaign with these tools. For this reason he had relied on a different cause and understanding than the first in each journey. He just had gone to the future for the reason he was going to go to the future. In other words, the sun has gone as far as the last point of darkness in this world. He went to the time when the sun first appeared at the beginning of creation because of the past. At the same time, Zulkarnayn also traveled on the basis of another vehicle or another vehicle from two vehicles. The author Alagash had revealed a few delusions that Zülkarneyn is actually Solomon. Both of them had established a covenant of goodness, which my lord gave me, that is better than that which shall provide. It is also mentioned that both of them use molten copper or molten copper is flooded like a flood. According to this information, the writer has come to the conclusion that Zulkarnayn is actually Suleiman. Another point is that the author has clearly stated that the journeys that were misunderstood until now are not actually to the west or to the east, but rather to the place where the pre-Apocalypse sun set was at its last setting or the first creation at sunrise. Thus, the mystery of journeys that have been secrets for a long time has been settled very comfortably with the adherence to the text of the verses. For the first time, it has been declared that the time has come for the curiosity of man. In this case, the first time, the apocalyptic journey, and the last journey of the sun, the battle of the sun to breathe again. The second journey is to the past. He did not do anything to the people he found there because it was a lived period. On the contrary, he invited the people he found on his journey to the future to Islam. In the journey between the two mountains, Suleiman as Zulkarnayn had trapped Yacooc and Macooc who made mischief in the earth. It had mentioned in the Qur'an that these two defeated nations will never be able to step over or dig the obstacle. Therefore, the obstacle however, stated that it would be demolished before in the collapse of the world. According to Alagash, it is stated that the defeated nation will be demolished from the dead before the Day of Resurrection, will be attacked from every hill, and will be prevented from being attacked by divine help.

Surah of al-Kahf, Suleiman, Zulkarnayn, the journey to the sun was born, the journey to the sun goes down, the journey to the north


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