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Adolescent Gaming Addiction and Family Functionality

When we take a general look at research findings, the widespread use of the internet and technology significantly increases the social media engagement of young individuals. Gaming, in particular, stands out as a highly captivating platform. The constant thoughts about games and the allocation of their time predominantly for gaming turn them into gaming addicts. Gaming addiction affects young people both psychologically and socially. Their addiction negatively impacts friendship and family relationships, leading to difficulties in healthy communication with friends and chaos within the family. Therefore, effective utilization of family functionality is crucial. When used effectively, the happiness levels of young individuals and family members will rise. Simultaneously, it is observed that individuals raised by such families are psychologically healthier, feel better about themselves, have healthier friendships, and are more successful. Consequently, families with effective functionality have children who spend less time gaming compared to those from families with ineffective functionality. Thus, they distance themselves from becoming gaming addicts. Investigating the correlation between gaming addiction and family functionality is believed to guide families, educators, and professionals in this field.

Gaming Addiction, Family Functionality


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