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Framing Peace in Social Media: A Study on the Sharings

Peace journalism is an effort that searches for solutions without violence in the war environment. The discourses which are hateful and which justify the violence polarize the societies, and also bring the war into houses, schools, calm streets, and public places. For this reason, peace journalism is the most important tool to reject the violence that official ideologies created, and to keep the social peace. This study focuses on how the news about the Operation Peace Spring, that Turkish Armed Forces and groups from Syrian Armed Forces started on 9 October 2019 in northern Syria, which the alternative media shared on their Twitter accounts and in the news sites connected to these accounts are framed. In this regard, in addition to the news sites such as Bianet, Birgün, and Diken, the most followed alternative media platforms according to the social media program for measuring, reporting, analytics, and statistics BoomSocial; the social media accounts of the newspapers, and the news on the news sites related to these accounts are examined. At the end of the study, the news of the alternative media during the Operation Peace Spring are reviewed within the frame of peace journalism, and it is seen that the specified media organs use a peaceful language, however, they do not avoid the elite-focused news, and they often carry the hegemonic discourses to their pages.

Peace Journalism, Alternative Media, Discourse, Framework


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