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Light has been one of the most important requirements in human life since the beginning of human history. We perceive the beings around us with our sense organs. Our sensory organ, which allows us to see and recognize the beings around us, is also our eyes. In order for our eyes to perform this function, the environment we are in must be illuminated by a light source. This is one of the most important effects of light. In addition to lighting, light has great importance in many aspects of our daily life, in artistic activities. In this study, the issues of light and lighting in general are evaluated and evaluations are made on how light is used in television shots. This study was created with written and visual scanning, practical application methods. Here, besides performing the vision task of the eye, its functions such as adding an artistic aesthetic dimension to the image and giving the audience the desired effect are examined.

Light, Lighting, Use of Light, The İmportance Of Lighting


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