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Rock-carved churches, which have an important place in the architectural texture of the Cappadocia region, have an important place as cultural assets that show the social, economic and religious structure of the period in which they were built, and should be protected with their historical and aesthetic values. In the topographic structure of the region, the presence of easily workable and durable tuffs creates an easy place to live; since the valley slopes are suitable for hiding, it has been a region where various cultures, states and societies live. Along with the churches and monasteries built during the Eastern Roman Empire Period, the Cappadocia Region appears as an important religious center for Christians. There are many monasteries, churches and chapels of different sizes in Göreme Valley. Monasteries complexed with the refectory are considered one of the largest monastic formations in the region. Apart from the upper valley, which is called the Göreme Open Air Museum today and which contains many important religious buildings for the region, there are many religious functions in the lower valley east of the nearby town of Göreme. Saklı Church is located on the slope of the rock mass located in the lower valley 500 m west of Göreme Open Air Museum. The refectories located in the area where the lower valley churches, whose formations are dated to the 10th century, are located in the northwest of the Saklı Church. Refectories were built with rock carving technique with a long table (trapeza) and benches, generally rectangular plan, with various side spaces such as kitchen and pantry. Except for simple iron gates for the protection of religious structures outside the Göreme Open Air Museum, there is not much protection measures. In addition, there are also places used by the businesses in the vicinity with functions such as cafes, warehouses and stables according to the needs. In this study, the original uses, plan typologies and architectural features of the refectories, which are an important part of the religious ritual, have been evaluated in Cappadocia, Göreme Church, based on the historical development of monastic architecture. The diversity of the monastery refectories in Cappadocia and the feature of being a document reflecting the religious structure of the period in which they were built were emphasized.

Cappadocia, Göreme, Monastery, Refectory


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