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Making innovation in their product, service, process and marketing methods is one of the means of companies’ coping with strong competition today. Making innovation has become an obligation for companies rather than a preference. At this point, there is no likelihood of success unless they “personally” produce the new rapidly and constantly and regard it as a distinguishing element in their own production. This is why design, R&D (Research and Development) and innovation have been the most talked about topics recently. These factors have become a driving force for countries and companies looking for a way to remain in the domestic and foreign markets permanently, and a key for the welfare of the society. In business administration, profit increasing suggestions in the short term have always been interesting besides production, sale, growth, income, expense, employment and similar issues in general. However, today it is seen that the basic dynamics defining long term future are design, R&D, innovation-creativity, brand, service quality, building up trust, forming right identity and personality. All of them require contributing more “knowledge” to production. It is not just marketing mastery, sales skill, quality production that enable one to be coveted in national and international markets. Today’s market conditions require innovativeness, making a difference in design and competing by branding. Therefore, “design, R&D and innovation management” which were once in production and technology are now in marketing and have become an indispensable part of it. In this study, it is analyzed that it is not just cost and price that enable companies to provide competitive advantage, it depends on how quickly they respond to market needs, shortening product life curves, product and service quality, development of new products and services, and finally the capacity to commercialize innovativeness profitably, in other words, integrating wisdom into skill

marketing, innovation, design, R&D (Research and Development)


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