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A Study on Multiculturalism and Adaptation Problems in South Korea

Multiculturalism, which is one of today's social problems, has become more prominent with the increase in the foreign population in the countries. South Korea, where the popularity is increasing day by day with the influence of the media, welcomes people from other countries for different purposes and long-stay plans. This situation has led to some adaptation problems in Korean society. In today's world, where various cultures can be seen together, the emergence of social problems has become a natural situation. Being able to adapt to the social structure that includes new cultures by changing over time may be important in terms of the social life quality of the local people. The same is true for individuals who leave their own country behind and start living in a new society. The individual who enters the new environment can lead a healthy life as long as he is accepted from this new environment and integrated into the society. Based on this information, such study has been put forward to draw attention to how a collective society like Korea adapts to the concept of multiculturalism and what problems the foreigners in the country have. Adaptation problems were discussed in the study. In addition, ideas about the solution of the problems were presented. Related articles and resources were examined. It was emphasized that the minorities in the society should be taken into account and treated fairly. In addition, it is of great importance to ensure communication in order to overcome the prejudices between the local community and the later arrivals. These problems can be overcome if the idea of being open to other cultures is instilled while bringing the cultural identity of Korea to the society. This both can be applied through the education system and the media. This study aims to answer questions for the polarizing societies in South Korea to understand each other better. The questions collected in two main factors were determined as follows; i. How can multiculturalism survive in South Korea? ii. What are the adaptation problems of multicultural individuals in South Korea?

Multiculturalism, Collectivism, Cultural Identity, South Korea


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